Odoo Web School/Course Management

Compact solution in modular structure, specific to private education institutions. Connect all teachers, students and parents to one app.

Manage all units from a single platform with modules such as Student Management/Teacher Management/Classroom Management/Lesson Management/Library Management/Alumni Management/Service Management Event Management.

Multi-language support is available, users can use it in Turkish / English or any language.

Easy Interface

The interface, which can be easily used by every employee, is also automatically detected and works on a mobile phone or tablet.


Each module you will purchase is divided into at least two authorization groups as user and administrator.

Ready Apis

If there are different softwares you use in your institution, two-way data communication can be provided via internet services.

Multi Language Support

If your institution has users from more than one country, the Vismarin Cloud School program is for you. User-based language selection can be made and there are more than 100 language translations.


Vismarin Bulut Okul is the version of an open source software used by tens of thousands of educational institutions around the world, with additional developments and arrangements for Turkey.

Thanks to their simple screens and easy authorization capability, each department will see only the menus they will use and they will easily perform their operations thanks to the simple interface.

Thanks to the advanced dashboard, managers or authorized department managers can receive advanced reports.

Thanks to its modular structure, institutions can purchase and use only the modules they need. Authorization work has been done for all modules.

Thanks to Vismarin Bulut School's user-friendly screens, users can start using it after one hour of training.

You can publish the Vismarin Cloud School program by creating an internal network or on the internet. In case of publication on the Internet, we provide hosting services on servers with Linux-based security provided by us under the control of our expert IT and Network Connections team.

Since Vismarin Bulut Okul is an open source software, company-based adaptation and code development can be done. It can be provided to communicate with different programs with web services.

Through Vismarin Bulut Okul, you can process the receipts/invoices and payments of the students into the system, view the current debt / credit status and past payments of the students, and get advanced financial reports.

E-invoice and e-archive applications can be integrated into Vismarin Cloud School software. You can issue the receipts/invoices you will issue to the students through the system and send them directly to the GIB portal, and view the e-invoices you receive in the system.

Vismarin Bulut Okul is kept on servers in Turkey determined by us, and you do not pay any hosting or domain name fees other than module pricing.

You can create your institution's website, receive student applications, and post teacher job postings on Vismarin Bulut Okul.

You can assign an e-mail address for job postings through Vismarin Cloud Institution, and you can have the e-mails sent to this e-mail address automatically fall into your system with the attached resume.