Dynamics 365 Integrated B2B Solution

Developed with the blockchain architecture.

Easy Interface

The interface, which can be easily used by every employee, is also automatically detected and works on a mobile phone or tablet.

Dynamics 365 B2B uygulaması mobil arayüz uyumlu çalışmaktadır.

Product Price List

You can determine the products that you will sell on the internet on ax and upload price lists, product pictures and additional information.


Orders entered in the B2B application fall into your Dynamics 365/Ax 2012 application. You can confirm or reject the order via ax.

Multi Language Support

If there are users from multiple countries in your organization, Users can use the program in their own language.

B2B Specifications

* Front-end multi-language support including unlimited number of unicode characters (unicode character : arabic, russian, greek, chinese)

* Unlimited customer price list and external stock code and name integration, article code tracking

* Fully automatic integration between the validity time of Dynamics AX price lists and B2b

* Automatic customer account, inventory card, sales order and e-transformation integration between Dynamics AX B2b

* Active/passive control of customer accounts on B2b side from within Dynamics AX

Dynamics 365 Entegre B2B Uygulaması çoklu dil desteğini desteklemektedir.

* Active/passive control of stock cards (TM,MA) on B2b side from within Dynamics AX

* Integration of quickly accessing Dynamics AX orders from B2b order control form

* B2b mobile site integration, mobile phone, tablet, ...etc. compatible screens on any device

* B2b multi-currency integration and bottom-sum reporting with different currency types on order screens

* Automatic customer order status (pending, approved, canceled, closed) notification and automatic e-mail integration between B2b Dynamics AX

* Automatic creation of B2b orders in Dynamics AX with fast warehouse existing control, controlled double-sided editing, addition, deletion of orders between B2b and AX

* Net weight and pallet weight multiples quantity entry control on B2b order screens specific to the chemical industry

* Multi-language document management (sds, tds) with unicode character support on B2b screens specific to the chemical industry

* Ability to transfer to pdf, excel, xml, csv, copy paste formats in B2b product inquiry, ordering and reporting pages, and transfer service of these printouts to commercial programs on the customer's side

* B2b product search autocomplate feature (auto-completion as you type)

* Multi-filter feature on B2b product inquiry, ordering, and reporting pages (-stock code, stock name, chemical name, external code, external name, category, barcode)

* Ability to quickly extract data table at the time of filter writing on B2b product inquiry, ordering and reporting pages

* The ability of customers to instantly monitor their order status over B2b and to make controlled changes, additions and deletions.

* Customers can collect orders with mobile or pc compatible barcode reader during hot sale.

* Integration of demand and delivery date reporting on B2b and Dynamics AX screens

* Ordering special samples for the chemical industry through B2b and Dynamics AX integration

* Ordering quotations for customers over B2b and Dynamics AX integration

* B2b integration for different sectors in holding companies (B2b users automatically make transactions in their respective sectors on the login screen)